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I am now opening the project up to emailed letters
I am not receiving enough letters and I think part of the problem may be the ‘mailing’ aspect.
SO, if emailing a letter will help you participate the email is
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Happy Birthday, Angela Bassett!

Happy Birthday, Laura Innes!

A lot of people keep asking me if I am fan of people that were never on ER.

Yes, I am! Who are they? Well, I’m a X-Men fanatic (yep, huge nerd here) so Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are my heroes. I’m a huge fan of Olivia Wilde, Sophia Bush (my new love), Maggie Q, Kristen Bell, Jesse Lee Soffer, Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lopez and Mandy Moore.

But, yeah, ER stars are my babies for almost 10 years now. :)

So it’s answered! :)

One good one. 

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Susan Lewis though :’(


Susan buys Kerry a gift for her baby.

Susan: I almost forgot. Here. I know it’s a little early, but I was in Field’s buying a gift for my niece, and I saw the infant stuff. It’s like I pass those little clothes, and I just go into a trance state. I have to buy something.

Kerry: Susan.

Susan: Those little onesies and jumpers? They have complete control over me. And the little shoes. I didn’t know if it’s a boy or girl, so I got it in green, like a neutral color, but if you hate it, I have the gift receipts—

Kerry: I’m not pregnant anymore. I miscarried.

Susan: Oh, God. Kerry, I’m so sorry.

Kerry: The embryonic loss rate after implantation is about 30%…Thank you for the thought.

ER - Season 9 - A Saint in the City (2003)


Laura Innes as Dr. Kerry Weaver

ER - Season 9 - A Hopeless Wound (2002)

 I used to work in O.B. , and up there I would deliver a baby, and then I would deliver a baby, and then I would deliver a baby. Today, I was puked on, spit at, bit, and then I tricked a psychotic woman, and then I almost killed a guy. - Abby Lockhart 


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